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Steri-Clean has developed techniques and procedures to allow tear gas cleanup to move quickly and effectively. A tear gas neutralizer breaks down the tear gas which is imperative for the cleanup process.

Tear gas is developed to disperse and stick to surfaces. After the initial dispersion, the tear gas settles on all horizontal surfaces. The oily residue must be removed from all areas of the home including walls, countertops, floors, and contents. If any area is left untreated, it will continue to off-gas, causing irritation in the eyes, nose and respiratory tract.

Tear gas is fired out of a gun in a canister shaped like a small torpedo. When the canister hits a structure, it releases a fine oily mist that penetrates all areas of a room. Tear gas usually leaves pink or yellow paint on walls and other surfaces where the canisters have ruptured. Once the tear gas has penetrated into a wall, the drywall must be removed.

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