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Crime scenes can be gruesome and traumatic for those involved in assessing the area. These scenes can be traumatic for those left to clean the location after the authorities are done with their investigation. Even if a crime scene appears simple to clean, the emotional toll of attempting this can add to the trauma – and it’s often not simple.

Steri-Clean Kansas has over 27 years of experience providing crime scene cleanup services. The primary focus of our team of trained, certified professionals is to remediate the damage done at the crime scene and restore the area back to its original state.


After we perform the crime scene cleanup, you or your tenants will be able to safely occupy the space without the visible reminders of this traumatic event.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Since 1995, Steri-Clean crime and trauma-cleaning services have been made available to individuals and businesses in the areas around Emporia, Garden City, Hays, Junction City, Kansas City, and Wichita, all within the state of Kansas.

While many of our tasks are carried out in this local area, we do specialize in serving all of Kansas, and we can even provide service to many other parts of the country as well, through our network of partners and associates. So whether your cleanup need is near or far, call us first to discuss what has happened, and tell us what kind of biohazard cleanup services you think might be needed.

When we come to your location to evaluate the situation and assess remediation strategies, we will arrive in unmarked vehicles, which do not announce the fact to the whole neighborhood that something traumatic has happened. We thoroughly understand that good people who have to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event are already badly shocked and emotionally distraught, so we do our best to avoid compounding the discomfort of the situation.

Professional and Non-Judgmental Service

Steri-Clean was one of the very first organizations of its kind founded in this country, and we still provide the same affordable, discreet, and compassionate service to those in need of our services. With more than two decades in the business, we have become one of the most experienced companies in the country at doing crime scene cleanup, CSI cleanup, and forensic cleaning for cases involving murder, trauma, homicide, or suicide.

Regardless of where the trauma has occurred – at home, your place of business, right in your automobile – we can be there quickly, and we can effectively carry out any necessary remediation of biohazard material, to eliminate any danger to the public. In many cases, commercial and automobile policies cover the associated costs, so that you won’t be stuck footing the bill for a major cleanup operation.

Our services are frequently used by individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, insurance companies, and other organizations when traumatic events have occurred, and there is a need for discreet handling of a scene that has biohazardous implications. Any scene where biological fluids have been discharged in an amount larger than it would take to cover a dinner plate should be handled by a professional team with experience. We take the uncertainty out of the situation for you, and we make the biohazardous site safe again for anyone frequenting the area, whether that be many other community residents, or whether it’s just limited to members of your immediate family.

An Overview of Our Services

We provide the most comprehensive list of services in the country for biohazard remediation and cleanup, and we are committed to leaving each site we are called to, in an ultra-clean, highly sanitized, and even deodorized state. Once our specialists have carried out the hazardous material removal and cleanup methods they were trained for, and which they have gained so much experience at, these sites no longer present any danger whatsoever to the public or to family members. Contact us for all your needs in the following areas:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup – some violent crimes leave behind a grisly scene of injured persons and/or materials that present a clear and present danger to individuals in the community. Steri-Clean can clean up all evidence of hazardous materials and restore the scene to its pre-crime status.

  • Suicide Cleanup – few suicides are carried out in a quiet and tidy manner, and in fact, it’s fairly common to have a very messy scene that includes blood and other biological material. Local authorities are not obliged to clean up any of this but are only required to remove the body itself, leaving the cleanup to a skilled crew like the specialists of Steri-Clean, who can sanitize the scene without disturbing evidence needed for any investigation.

  • Undiscovered Death Cleanup – there are times when a solitary person living at home might pass away without anyone realizing it for a while. When that happens, the body will quickly decompose, generating odors, the release of bodily fluids, and possibly urine and feces. This can deteriorate into a public hazard very quickly if not attended to promptly by compassionate and discreet cleanup specialists.

  • Blood Cleanup – this is usually necessary at the scene of violent crimes, suicides, and accidents, and requires immediate remediation, so as to avoid the spread of bacteria into the community.

  • Trauma Cleanup – when some kind of traumatic discovery is made after a crime or accident, it will be necessary to clean, sanitize, and deodorize the site, so that it is safe for visitation again.

  • Urine/Vomit/Feces – these biological materials are some of the main biohazards (besides blood) that a cleanup operation will be focused on because all of these have the potential to carry bacteria and disease if not quickly eliminated.

  • Tear Gas Cleanup – this can be a very labor-intensive process because there is often significant damage that has been done to a site where tear gas was necessary to subdue either a violent individual or an unruly crowd. This process calls for real expertise and patience, in order to completely remove the thick residue resulting from tear gas usage.

  • Fingerprint Dust Removal – fingerprint dust is a greasy and fine powder that can be very difficult to remove unless you have experts on the crime scene who are well-versed in how to do this efficiently, and who can restore the site to its original condition.

  • Super Bugs (MRSA/C-Diff) – in recent years, there has been a marked rise in the presence of superbugs such as MRSA, CRE, and C. Diff strains which have grown resistant to antibiotics. Steri-Clean operatives can help eradicate these at a site and can halt them from growing and strengthening.

Free estimates – Steri-Clean provides free estimates to anyone who calls us with a legitimate cleanup need, and we can schedule your project for the earliest possible opening.

Covered by Most Insurance – you won’t have to pay for a cleanup operation out of pocket, as most insurances will cover these scenarios, and we can accept most types of insurance for our services.

24 Hour Response – in the majority of cases, we will respond within 24 hours to your urgent cleanup scenario, so that a plan can be developed immediately for taking measures appropriate to the situation.
Call Steri-Clean for fast and Efficient Cleanup

As you might guess from the listing of our available services shown above, we have had a great amount of experience in our more than 27 years doing the biohazardous cleanup. In all that time, we have learned a great deal about how to restore a location to its pre-crime or pre-trauma condition, with no lingering harm affecting local residents.

But we’ve learned something more than that too – we’ve learned that the people who are most significantly impacted by these kinds of events are usually deeply affected, and they are sometimes even traumatized. That means that we have to do our very best to demonstrate non-judgmental attitudes, the compassionate performance of our methods and cleanup techniques, and discreet management of the event details.

That’s why our company motto has been “Restoring Homes and Lives®” for quite some time now – we don’t just clean up a trauma scene, we help to restore some emotional equilibrium to the people who have been most deeply affected by whatever happened.

The Type of Clients Steri-Clean Kansas Has Provided Crime Scene Cleanup Services For:

  • Homeowners

  • Renters

  • Hotels

  • Businesses

Government Agencies

If any of these terrible things have happened to you at home, at work, or in your motor vehicle, please call us at Steri-Clean of Kansas, and let us help you get things back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.



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