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Our Service Area

At Steri-Clean, our reference to a service area is more about designating those localities which we can reach the quickest, and it is not intended to be understood as the only areas we serve. Since our business frequently calls for arriving at the scene of a recent traumatic event very quickly to limit any biohazards, we have developed a territory which includes those places we can get to as fast as possible.

Even this is a broad area, however, stretching from the easternmost border of the state in Kansas City, almost to the far western border at Garden City. We have often made trips to Hays, Junction City, Garden City, Emporia and Wichita, Kansas to provide our services to families in need, or in response to calls from businesses or local authorities. Serving all of Kansas is still our objective, but we will be honest with potential clients at all times about our estimated arrival time at any given locale.

Choose Steri-Clean Kansas

Owner, Mark Elpers, and his team have trained in California with Steri-Clean corporate officials that have been in this business for over two decades. Mr. Elpers and his team are now assisting Kansas locals with the overwhelming task of cleaning trauma, accident and death scenes, and restoring them to a safe environment.

Suicide cleanup should NEVER be performed by an untrained individual or someone that was close to the victim. Not only can improper cleaning and sanitizing result in future exposure to potential diseases, but loves ones who cleanup after a suicide are 75% more likely to commit suicide themselves! Let the professional and discreet team at Steri-Clean Kansas assist you with any crime scene cleanup or suicide cleanup. Our call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We provide the following discreet and professional clean-up services in the Emporia, Southeast Kansas, Garden City, Western Kansas, Hays and Northwest Kansas:

Services We Provide

If an incident occurs at home or in a car, the cost of containment and cleanup is often paid by most insurances, so we can work with your insurance company on the finances of the event so that you don’t have to be involved with something that might seem distasteful under the circumstances.

We would like to emphasize this point, because we truly believe it – our first provided service is a genuine understanding and caring for the emotional upheaval that our client is experiencing. This philosophy guides all our actions in the performance of the professional services we make available to our clients throughout the state:


  • Biohazard cleanup – biohazard cleanups usually involve hazmat cleanup, biological waste cleanup, and bodily fluids cleanup, all remediated by our experienced and well-trained hazardous cleanup specialists.

  • Crime scene cleanup – crime scenes are often somewhat gruesome and difficult to handle emotionally for those involved. Steri-Clean professionals have 20-plus years of handling these situations, and they know how to stay focused on remediating the damage done, and on restoring the site to its original condition.

  • Suicide cleanup – this kind of situation calls for total professionalism, and that’s what you can expect from Steri-Clean specialists. Our experts will shield you from the most unpleasant aspects of the situation, and we will adopt a non-judgmental approach to methodically remediating the site.

  • Undiscovered death cleanup – there are some problems presented by undiscovered death which call for greater skill and experience than most other cleanup scenarios, depending on how long a body has gone undiscovered, and what its present condition is – and that’s why Steri-Clean professionals are the ones you should contact first.

  • Odor removal – this service may be just one aspect of a larger remediation project called for at a site, but even if it’s the only service that needs to be performed, our Steri-Clean specialists will know exactly how to remove even the most stubborn and persistent odors from a site.

  • Superbug disinfection – this service often calls for extreme urgency, since there is a potential for some illness which has developed immunity to normal control methods, to be released out into the public. Our skilled crews are familiar with all these superbugs, and we take the necessary steps to contain and eradicate them before they can cause a public safety issue.

Steri-Clean Kansas provides discreet and professional scene clean up services for the following Counties in Northwest Kansas:


We are proud to provide crime scene, suicide, blood, trauma, undiscoverable death and tear gas clean services for the following counties:
    • Hays
    • Cheyenne
    • Wallace
    • Logan
    • Gove
    • Trego
    • Ellis
    • Russell
    • Ness
    • Sherman
    • Rush
    • Barton
    • Thomas
    • Sheridan
    • Rooks
    • Osborne
    • Rawlins
    • Decatur
    • Norton
    • Phillips
    • Smith

Why You Should Hire Steri-Clean Professionals For Biohazard, Crime, Suicide and Undiscovered Death Clean-Up Services
    •24/7 availability and assistance. Questions, estimates or services? Call us at 316.413.4009
    • Professionally trained and experienced staff ensures proper decontamination
    • Reduce the danger of exposure to blood borne illnesses and communicable diseases (Hepatitis, HIV, TB) at crime location
    • Proper clean up of human blood and bodily fluids thus reducing the exposure of bacteria and viruses
    • Legal disposal of biohazardous waste
    • Discreet clean up, no one will suspect or know the services being performed
    • Affordable pricing
    • Provides services with integrity, compassion and honesty…always!

1.2 Suicides A Day, 440 Suicide Deaths Annually, But Who Cleans-Up After The Tragedies?
Instead of having the grieving and traumatized family members clean the often sad and gruesome scene call Steri-Clean Kansas. We are made up of professionally trained and experienced staff who are on-call 24/7.

Our call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Steri-Clean Kansas provides free estimates and we deal with insurance billing directly.

We’ve provided these services for over 20 years so we understand the incredible emotional roller coaster death brings to everyone affected by the passing of a loved one.

Steri-Clean Kansas was founded to provide services that allow for healing without the psychological and emotional stress of having family or friends clean up the aftermath.

The Unfortunate Reality of Suicides and Undiscovered Deaths in Kansas

Suicide dramatically continues to rise annually in the state of Kansas leaving loved ones overwhelmed and shocked with sadness. World Life Expectancy reports there are over 440 suicides every year in Kansas! The rise of suicides is like the nationwide rise in undiscovered deaths in our elderly population. Many are mostly alone and may not have regular visitors or people checking on them so when they die, they are not discovered for days, weeks, or even longer.

After a couple days of the decomposition process, fluids will have left the body and absorbed into any items around the body. The cleaning of an undiscovered death scene should only be performed by trained professionals. The removal of fluids from decomposition along with the associated odor is no easy task and the infectious waste collected must be packaged and disposed of properly and legally.

Therefore, in these unfortunate situations people hire Steri-Clean and our team of professionals. We will decontaminate the location discreetly at an affordable price.
You should never be left to deal with this alone and with Steri-Clean Wichita Kansas, you never will be.

Reasons Why Family Members or Friends Should NOT Clean A Crime or Death Scene

    • Family members and friends are not properly trained nor know the dangers of exposure to bloodborne illnesses and communicable diseases (Hepatitis, HIV, TB) at crime location
    • The cleaning of blood must be done by professionals to avoid contaminating a larger area.
    • The traumatizing experience to the family members cleaning is life lasting, 75% are more likely to commit suicide
    • The proper way of discreetly cleaning up and disposing of the cleaning materials should be performed by professionals to avoid additional issues

What People Say About Our Services

It should tell you a little bit about the kind of business we run when the Better Business Bureau rates us at A+, which is a fact we are very proud of, and intend to maintain indefinitely. One of the chief criteria for that rating is how well Steri-Clean has backed up its claims to be one of the most experienced companies in the country, as well as the one which responds in the most professional manner during times of crisis. We’ve worked very hard since our founding to earn your trust and your confidence in what we do, and we will continue to work just as hard, to maintain that level of trust and confidence in us.

If you were to check online reviews about our services, you would find that our customers have been highly appreciative of services we have provided. In this kind of business, customer reviews are not a very common afterthought following such traumatic events, but we still do get occasional reviews, and to date, these have been extremely complimentary in nature. While we don’t expect any kind of pats on the back for providing the urgent biohazard containment and cleanup that we do, it’s still nice to know that people are sometimes so impressed that they feel compelled to share their appreciation.

Although we do hope you never find yourself in a position where you need to make use of our specialized services, if the occasion ever does come up, you can count on us doing the absolute best job possible to restore your site to a safe and clean condition once again!

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