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Steri-Clean Kansas has over 27 years of experience providing services for removal, disinfecting, cleaning of blood, bodily fluids, and various harmful pathogens in areas after an accident, death or disease outbreak.

Biohazard services include but are not limited to: hazardous waste cleanup, biological waste cleanup, hazmat cleanup and bodily fluids cleanup. All hazmat scenes are remediated by our certified biohazard technicians.
Biohazard Cleaning

Biohazard cleaning involves the thorough cleanup, sanitization and deodorization at a specific site where some kind of traumatic accident or violent crime has occurred. For instance, a crime scene where severe injuries have been sustained by victims could create a situation where large amounts of blood and other materials are in need of being cleaned up and sanitized.
The process for cleaning up biohazard fluids and pathogens in an area or location after an unfortunate event is one that should be done by professionals. The event that caused the biohazard can be disturbing and the contamination from the event can be overwhelming.

When Biohazard Cleanup is Needed

There are other types of incidents where biohazard cleaning is required as well, for instance at the site of a suicide, where there might be extreme bodily trauma that leaves conditions that would be hazardous to others. If allowed to sit undisturbed for any period of time, this can give rise to biological deterioration, which could quickly create a hazardous situation.

You might think that the police or some other organization handles this as part of their treatment of the case – but that just isn’t so. In fact, their only obligations in situations where suicides or violent crimes have occurred are to investigate the incident and to remove the body. Everything else is left to the building owner or the relatives of the individuals involved. That can become a very traumatic situation for loved ones, and it’s something that’s never easy to do in the wake of losing someone close.

The main thread running through these types of incidents is the need for a thorough cleanup of potentially hazardous materials like chemicals, blood, biological waste, or body fluids. Needless to say, this requires a certain amount of knowledge and expertise, as well as appropriate equipment, on the part of the professionals involved in the biohazard cleanup operation.
In the case of a crime scene, even greater attention to detail is required, since it is necessary to leave the details of the crime scene undisturbed so that a proper investigation can be carried out without interference.

Who We Are

Steri-Clean Kansas is one of the most experienced biohazard cleaning companies in the country, with more than 27 years of experience in the field. Back in 1995, we established this company because we recognized there was a need for these kinds of services for good people who had bad things happen
to them.

In the aftermath of events like that, there can be some pretty uncomfortable work that needs to be done, quietly and efficiently. Crime scenes or suicide scenes can be extremely messy and dangerous to anyone who is exposed to biological waste. Infectious diseases can be unleashed among residents of the area, chemicals can cause noxious fumes and contact issues, and even the residences of hoarders can be a serious health risk, depending on the type of hoarded content.

That’s where we come in. We provide the knowledge, the know-how, and the professionalism to contain the site, to get it scrubbed clean of all possible hazards, and to sanitize it so that it presents no further danger to anyone who comes in contact afterward. The primary focus of our team of trained, certified professionals is to ensure the safety of the environment so that the property can be occupied again.
During our two decades of providing superior service, we’ve learned a lot more than just the procedures and requirements of the job. We’ve also learned that compassion and discretion need to be components which are included in every job we take on, recognizing that loved ones may be traumatized by a violent crime or suicide which has occurred.

Our Service Area

While we serve the entire state of Kansas, the majority of the jobs that we are called in on fall within these cities and the area surrounding them:
   •    Wichita
   •    Emporia
   •    Kansas City
   •    Hays
   •    Garden City
   •    Junction City

If you should happen to reside beyond state borders, we urge you to give us a call, because we are committed to helping everyone in need of our services, even if we can’t get there ourselves in a timely manner.
If your biohazard cleanup requirement is situated in an area where we cannot provide the kind of prompt service that you deserve, we’ll be happy to alert one of our professional colleagues near your location, who can be on the scene quickly to help you out.

We aren’t motivated by earning any kind of referrals for this out-of-state handshake agreement with other professionals in our network – we just feel strongly that it is our responsibility to help get the job done as efficiently as possible, even if that means calling in someone else we can trust.

Why Steri-Clean?

So why should you contact Steri-Clean about your biohazard cleaning project? Here are some of the most important reasons why we feel our phone number should be on your refrigerator, or on your community billboard:
   •    Urgency– we operate with a sense of urgency, recognizing that the public has been exposed to some kind of hazardous materials
   •    Compassionate– we understand that loved ones may be going through a very difficult time, and we act accordingly
   •    Discreet– information about any given task we do is kept confidential, and when we come to your location, we can arrive in unmarked vehicles
   •    Wide Service Area– if we can’t get there ourselves, we have reliable colleagues who can
   •    Experience– our experience goes all the way back to 1995, and we’ve been getting better at it ever since – we are literally one of the most experienced companies of our type in the industry
   •    Insurance coverage– we can work with your insurance company
on the coverage
   •    24/7 Coverage– our professional hazmat team is always standing
by cleaning up your biohazards site, any time of the day or night
   •    Free estimates– we will always provide you with a free estimate upon request, so there won’t be any surprises at the end of a job.
   •    Any location– whether a biohazard exists at your home, office building,
or adjacent to a motor vehicle, we can manage the situation professionally
and effectively
   •    Affordability– we want everyone who needs our services to be able to afford it, so we will work with you to arrive at a rock-bottom price that you can manage, and which will still allow us to safely remove all danger from the affected site.

The Type of Clients Steri-Clean Kansas Has Provided Biohazard Services For:
   •    Homeowners
   •    Renters
   •    Hotels
   •    Businesses
   •    Government Agencies


Additional Services

In addition to our biohazard cleaning service, we offer several other services you may need to take advantage of. Please give us a call if you are in need of any of the following:
   •    Superbug disinfection
   •    Odor removal
   •    Undiscovered death cleanup
   •    Suicide cleanup
   •    Crime scene cleanup

If you have a biohazard incident which has occurred at your location, and you aren’t sure if it’s something we handle, please call us right away so we can discuss it with you. Chances are, it’s something we’ve done many times before, and we are probably your best option for having it cleaned up professionally and discreetly.

We have a staff of very professional specialists who all have the same kind of dedication that our company was founded on, and which we strive to bring to the job every day. No job is too big or too small for us to take on, and our goal on every one of these jobs is 100% customer satisfaction.
In fact, that’s one of the big reasons we have thrived as a biohazard cleaning company for so long – not only do we know our business extremely well, but we make sure that our customers are happy with the work we do.

Contact Us at Steri-Clean

For any kind of biohazard cleanup requiring professional, non-judgmental, discreet, and compassionate handling of a situation, where hazardous fluids may have been unleashed in a public or private setting, we urge you to call us at Steri-Clean Kansas.

We will thoroughly clean up any blood, waste materials, chemicals, bodily fluids, sewage, or other hazardous substances and leave the site completely sanitized and odor-free. Call us right away for a free estimate of your situation and let us work with you on an affordable solution to an event that calls for the best in the business.


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