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There are few things in life that involve greater emotion or a greater sense of loss than the sudden death of a loved one due to suicide.


In the hours and days after such a tragic event, everyone who knew the victim might well be in a state of shock, and find it hard to even function, much less get through a normal day.

At a time like that, you certainly don’t want to be bothered with the physical details surrounding the site of the suicide, and the potential for biological hazards which might be present. At Steri-Clean, we totally understand that perspective, having witnessed it often since 1995 when we began our biological cleanup business. Because we know what you’re going through, we do everything in our power to shield you from the messy part of the event, and we carry out the site remediation while involving you as little as possible.

We bring a highly professional approach to every suicide cleanup situation we become involved in, with non-judgmental attitudes and our compassionate and discreet service that keeps the situation contained to immediate family only. We will be very glad to provide you with a free estimate when you contact us, and at that same time, we can inform you about how quickly we can be on the scene, to get site remediation underway.

Why Fast Site Cleanup is Essential:

There are several reasons why cleanup of a suicide site should be carried out at the very earliest opportunity, and why you should contact Steri-Clean for the fastest, most effective service:

  • Remove signs of the event – if the suicide attempt occurred within your home or office building, or somewhere on the premises, there are likely to be considered signs left in the aftermath which can be extremely troubling to family members, or to anyone who knew the deceased person. The faster that these unpleasant reminders can be removed, the less trauma it will cause to everyone involved.

  • Biological hazard – in addition to the often disturbing appearance of the site, there is a good possibility that biological hazards may be involved, and these will need to be eradicated before they spread to others within the environment and beyond. As one good example, some diseases can be present in human blood which have the capability of living outside the body for days or weeks at a time. If not prevented from doing so, they can easily spread to anyone who happens to be near the infected site.

  • Responsibility rests with relatives – when the police or other authorities investigate the scene where a suicide or attempted suicide has occurred, they are not obliged to do any kind of cleanup of the site at all. Their responsibility ends with removing the body of the victim and then collecting any evidence which may have been part of the scene. After they have accomplished these tasks, they will be gone, and the rest is up to the family.



What is Included in Our Service:

In addition to the upfront free estimate, the wealth of knowledge and experience that we bring to the job, and the discreet and compassionate way we conduct ourselves, you can expect all of the following to be part of our service to you:

  • Quick response – we make every effort to get to the location immediately because we truly have a sense of urgency about the cleanup effort

  • Insurance coverage – we can contact your provider to be sure, but almost all homeowner’s insurance covers events like this

  • Site clean up – the site of the suicide will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized so that no trace remains of the event itself, and so that no physical signs of the event remain after we have finished

  • Disposals as needed – when any furniture, mattresses, or other household objects cannot be cleaned and disinfected properly, we will dispose of them so they aren’t left behind as reminders of the incident

  • Removal of odors – it’s very common for various types of strong odors to be left at sites like these, and we make sure that any such odors are fully eliminated and filtered out of the area in question

  • Property restoration – there are often some significant kinds of damage left in a household as a by-product of a suicide attempt, and we handle all of these so that you don’t have to. If necessary, we can do any needed painting, replacement of carpets or other ruined accessories like curtains and draperies. We will even perform whatever light housekeeping might be necessary to restore the site to its original condition

  • Storage as needed – if it is your preference, we can pack up or store items out of the household, even though they weren’t damaged in any way. If it will help you to recover faster from the trauma of the event, we’ll be glad to provide our services in this area.

  • Professional referrals – in our 20+ years of business, we have made a number of professional contacts in our expanded network of colleagues, and we will be happy to refer you to any of them who might be able to help you through this crisis. Our colleagues and partners include chaplains, therapists, and counselors, and we will be glad to refer you to any of these qualified and very helpful professionals.



Call Steri-Clean First

Since 1995, Steri-Clean has been helping individuals, business offices, and other groups get through the very difficult circumstances which are always in attendance at the site of a suicide or an attempted suicide. In all that time, we’ve had many, many opportunities to increase our knowledge of such situations and to deepen our understanding of what people go through when such a situation occurs.

As one of the most experienced companies in the country at suicide cleanup, our service is fast, effective, and affordable. In fact, most insurance carriers cover these kinds of events, so you may have only a minimal out-of-pocket cost, rather than something which will only make the whole situation seem even worse. Although expenses are largely paid for by most insurances, we will be glad to contact your provider to confirm this.

Steri-Clean Kansas has over 27 years of experience providing suicide death clean up services. Our compassionate trained, certified professionals will work to help those affected to begin to move forward by cleaning up the location so family and friends don’t have to. The clean-up after a suicide death is an emotional undertaking for those involved. That is why we are on call 24/7 and ready to help.

We specialize in bringing some sense of normalcy at this difficult time by restoring the site to its original state. Our experienced team will use the latest cleaning and decontamination techniques to ensure that the affected areas are safe to occupy again.

After we perform the suicide clean up, you or your tenants will be able to safely occupy the space without the visible reminders of this traumatic event.

Before you even think about calling anyone else, please call Steri-Clean first. If need be, we can have an emergency team dispatched immediately to your location, especially since there is always a time component which is involved, and a thorough cleanup will need to be carried out as soon as possible.


Service Area for Steri-Clean Suicide Cleanup

At Steri-Clean we make it our business to be serving all of Kansas, but the areas within the state which we can reach fastest for great service are the following:

  • Wichita

  • Emporia

  • Kansas City

  • Hays

  • Garden City

  • Junction City


If your location is somewhere near one of these metro areas, but you aren’t sure if you fall within our service area, please call us and we can discuss the situation with you. If we can’t get there immediately ourselves, we can certainly help you get the suicide cleanup service you need, from among the colleagues which whom we have partnered with throughout the state, and throughout the country.


Our team will arrive at your location in unmarked vehicles, so everyone in your neighborhood will not be aware that some kind of emergency or crisis is in progress. Don’t hesitate when you are confronted with a situation like this – trust Steri-Clean for compassionate and discreet service that will reduce the trauma level at a time when you most need that.

Call us at Steri-Clean and let us take care of all the physical fallout from your tragic event.   

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