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Steri-Clean Kansas has over a quarter century of experience providing services for the removal, disinfecting, and cleaning of blood, bodily fluids, and various harmful pathogens in areas to assist police stations. Biohazard services include but are not limited to hazardous waste cleanup, biological waste cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and bodily fluids cleanup. All types of scenes are remediated by our certified biohazard technicians.


Emergency Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning

Steri-Clean can disinfect emergency vehicles for cities, law enforcement and fire departments after the transportation of a person who has left behind potentially hazardous bodily fluids such as urine, vomit, blood and feces.


Jail/Holding Cell Cleaning

Steri-Clean responds to numerous calls annually to clean and disinfect jail/holding cells affected with bodily fluids and pepper spray. After the discovery of a biohazard spill in a jail cell, it is important that it is properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread to other inmates.


Evidence Room Cleaning

Law enforcement evidence rooms including drying cabinets, hanging racks and processing rooms must be properly disinfected and cleaned to prevent cross contamination of DNA evidence. Steri-Clean can dispose of collected evidence such as bloody clothing and other biohazardous waste. Weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly services can be scheduled as well as emergency callouts.

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