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Odor removal is a procedure that might be required in conjunction with other services, or it might be the primary service called for at a site. At Steri-Clean Kansas, we are often called upon to perform odor removal as just one of the necessary steps in a larger overall project, such as suicide cleanup, undiscovered death cleanup, crime scene cleanup, superbug disinfection, or biohazard cleanup.


In situations like these, odor removal is an essential component of the overall task, because the actual location cannot be restored to its original condition without removing all reminders of the event, including any attendant odors.

There are also many situations in which odor removal is the primary requirement all by itself, with no other actions necessary. Whether odor removal is required as a standalone action, or as part of a larger cleanup effort, Steri-Clean specialists are always standing by, ready to help recover a site and make it suitable for living and enjoying again.

Odor Removal Scenarios Calling for Steri-Clean

Anyone who has ever unwittingly walked into a location sprayed by a skunk will understand the necessity for the fast removal of offensive odors. It’s hard to concentrate on anything but that smell when you’re confronted with a situation like that, and your first instinct will probably be to get as far away from the smell as you can. A better solution would be to call Steri-Clean at the very first opportunity so that the smell can be systematically removed forever, and inhabitants can get back to their normal lives.

Here are some of the odor removal situations we have remediated successfully in the past:


  • Animal odors – this could be from a live animal such as a skunk, or from any kind of animal which has died and begun decomposing

  • Cigarette smoke removal – this is a major problem for some office environments where smoking was formerly allowed, and the entire environment has become impregnated with the lingering smell.

  • Fire smoke – in a building that has undergone a partial fire, the building itself and some of the furniture may be salvageable, but it will call for a thorough odor removal by professionals.

  • Decomposing materials and foul odor removal – almost anything left untouched over a long period of time will begin to decompose, especially if it is exposed to elements that assist in the decomposition process. This can impart a strong odor to the surroundings, which will then have to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

There are also several different kinds of locations where odor removal might become necessary, and Steri-Clean specialists have had extensive experience with all of them. We are one of the most experienced companies in the country at remediating odors, having been in the business since 1995.

Here are just a few of the possible locations where our odor remediation service has been needed:


  • Hotels – we have successfully transformed entire hotels and sections of hotels from smoking to non-smoking facilities, with guests never even realizing that an odor removal process took place.

  • Business offices – employees have been known to get ill from breathing foul odors at the workplace, so business offices are obliged to make all necessary cleanup of any foul odors at the very earliest opportunity, to keep workers in place.

  • Daycare centers – parents are extremely sensitive about the environment where their children are being cared for, and that makes it essential for any daycare center to react quickly to an odor removal necessity.

  • Educational facilities – e.g. schools, universities, and training centers, where a number of students and educators could be impacted.

  • Government agencies – any facility which is victimized by foul odors, and which has a number of people working there, will generally need to eliminate that odor quickly, so employees are safe to continue working without getting sick.

  • Retail outlets – fire damage in some parts of a retail outlet can cause smoke to settle into the facility, and even on goods that are being stored.

  • Warehouses – sometimes warehouses can take on odors after a fire, or from some other cause, and need to be treated so they don’t impart that same smell to objects being stored within.

  • Vehicles – e.g. trucks, cars, and motorcycles sometimes need to have cigarette smoke odors removed prior to selling the vehicle

  • Residences – either for homeowners or at rental complexes often require remediation of odors, as a preparatory step before selling, or after a previous tenant or homeowner has left the premises.

The Steri-Clean Odor Removal Process
The key to removing odors from any given setting like those listed above is to go beyond masking the odors with sweet-smelling products and actually treat the cause of the continuing odor, whatever that may be.

Step 1 – Remove the source of the odor, if it is still present. For example, if a decaying animal carcass is the cause of the foul odor, it will be removed during the initial phase of the remediation process.
Step 2 – Install ozone generators and specialized foggers at the location and run these for an appropriate amount of time. This will treat all surfaces affected by the odor-causing agent, as well as the air in the building or vehicle, and it will leave the location in a completely disinfected condition.
Step 3 – Odors are destroyed, as well as any airborne molecules which have been saturated with the offensive odor. Foggers penetrate deep into all cracks and crevices, so no odors and no foul airborne molecules are left behind.
Step 4 – All other necessary cleanup is performed as needed, and the environment is left safe, clean, and fresher than it was before the odor-causing incident.
Our Service Area
Since 1995, Steri-Clean has been serving all of Kansas with the same compassionate and discreet service, with a non-judgmental attitude and the utmost in professionalism and courtesy. Our service is provided to homes, apartments, businesses, cars, and anywhere else you may require odor removal. Call us for a free estimate at any time, and we will be glad to discuss your specific situation. Remember that the cost of odor removal is often covered by most homeowners’ insurance, and sometimes the cost of replacement furniture and other objects is covered, as well.

We have emergency service available to handle your most urgent requests, and we can quickly arrive in unmarked vehicles at any location in the areas surrounding Hays, Garden City, Junction City, Emporia, Wichita, and Kansas City. If you are within state borders, we can still get to you, but a little extra time might be needed.
Even if your odor removal situation is at a location out-of-state, we can help arrange a solution. Through our many years of service in the state of Kansas and beyond, we have built up a network of professional contacts whom we trust and have great confidence in. If one of them can be dispatched to an out-of-state location more quickly than we can get there ourselves, we will be glad to recommend one of these trusted colleagues, just so you can get the fastest and most effective resolution to your issue.

Property and Vehicle Values
Any building or vehicle which has suffered smoke damage or any other kind of foul odor damage is not only unsafe for inhabitants or users, but is also significantly diminished in value. In order to prevent that from happening to your home, office building, business facility, or vehicle, call the most reliable and professional odor removal specialists in the business – call Steri-Clean Kansas.

You’ll find out how quickly we can be at your location, and we can provide a free estimate so there won’t be any surprises afterward. With more than two decades of experience at restoring locations and restoring lives to pre-incident conditions, we can promise that our odor removal process will be so thorough that no one will ever know an odor-causing event has happened.

Steri-Clean Kansas has over 27 years of experience utilizing commercial ozone generators and specialized foggers to remove organic odors. After the source of the odor is removed, ozone generators are placed into the residence or automobile to penetrate the entire space. Ozone not only destroys the odor molecules but kills airborne bacteria, as well, which leaves the treated area completely disinfected. While in operation, an ozone machine also effectively removes odor from furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings. Foggers with specialized solutions can also penetrate deep into surfaces to track down the odor molecules and destroy them! The result is a clean, safe and fresh environment.

Our technicians can provide an odor removal plan to safely remove all odor and completely disinfect.

Steri-Clean Kansas’ Clients Who Have Benefited from Our Odor Removal Services Include:

  • Homeowners

  • Renters

  • Hotels

  • Businesses

  • Daycare Centers

  • Schools

  • Government Agencies

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