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Undiscovered death (or unattended death, as it is sometimes called), can be a significant problem, both for the surroundings in which it occurred and for the biohazard dangers, it presents to people and animals. Even if the deceased person passed away quietly without being discovered for several days, the process of body decomposition will already have begun, and will already be causing some issues.

As you might guess, decaying flesh can produce some very unappealing odors, and the leakage of bodily fluids causes another whole set of issues. If the undiscovered death was the result of a violent crime, there could be even worse consequences, with the potential for blood and other fluids to be saturating the entire scene.

If you should ever be confronted with a situation like this, the need for urgency in taking action simply cannot be overstated, as is the need for non-judgmental discretion in handling the situation. That’s why the company you should contact first for any kind of cleanup of an undiscovered death is Steri-Clean Kansas.


Why Steri-Clean is your Best Choice

We at Steri-Clean completely understand how difficult it is for anyone to maintain their composure when a relative or friend is involved in an undiscovered death. First of all, there is usually a deeply emotional component surrounding the passing of someone close. Secondly, the suddenness of finding out about such a situation almost always comes as a huge shock, since there was no time to emotionally prepare for the possibility.

One fairly common scenario would be when an elderly person living alone passes on and is not discovered until several days after the fact by a part-time caretaker, a relative, or perhaps a neighbor. This can trigger all kinds of feelings that make it hard to stay on an even keel and rationally carry out the tasks which need to be handled.

That’s one of the reasons you need Steri-Clean on the job – our non-judgmental, compassionate and discreet management of the situation will relieve you of all the physical burden involved, so you can focus on dealing with grief and other emotions.

Here are a few other reasons why your first call should be to the professionals at Steri-Clean:

  • Sense of urgency – we realize that a fast response to the situation is essential for containing the biohazard dangers at the site, and potentially beyond the immediate site.

  • Thorough cleanup – when we take on the job for you, all materials potentially infected with biohazardous fluids or other substances will be removed, including chairs, carpeting, and other objects. The site itself will be completely cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized, even if there are some very stubborn odors to contend with.

  • Professionalism – there is more to handling an undiscovered death than following all the necessary procedures for cleanup and sanitization, as we have learned throughout our years of experience. Since 1995, when our business was founded, we have made it a point to manage these situations with the utmost care and understanding for surviving relatives, and to carry out all tasks necessary with discretion, promptness, and thoroughness.

  • Honesty and Integrity – you can count on everyone at Steri-Clean to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity – not only does our reputation depend on it, but we just feel it’s the right way to be.



The Steri-Clean Process for Death Cleanup


When we tackle a site that requires cleanup after an undiscovered death, we do more than restore the location itself – we do everything possible to help restore the lives of the people affected. Here is a summary of our process:

  • Assessment of the site – as soon as we arrive on site, we begin evaluating the situation and start forming an idea about what needs to be done. We will of course consult with you about any special needs or desires that you may have.

  • Containment procedures – the next step is to isolate any biohazardous material so that it can’t spread any further than it already has. This is essential for any people living at the site, and for everyone in the immediate area.

  • Removal of biological materials – all bodily fluids and other biological materials are then removed from the location, placed in secure containers, and taken away.

  • Cleaning, sanitization, deodorizing – all visible surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, and any underlying layers are checked for contamination as well.

  • Confirm the effectiveness of cleanup – the last step is to confirm how thorough we were by conducting our own testing of the site. We use an adenosine triphosphate testing device in order to ensure that the site has been restored to the same level of cleanliness and sanitation as you would expect to encounter on a hospital floor.



Paid for by Most Insurances


Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the cost of undiscovered death cleanup, and in some cases, it will even pay for the replacement of materials that may have been damaged. For instance, it’s common for carpeting, furniture, sub-flooring, and bedding to be rendered unusable and dangerous by the body decomposition process, and death cleanup procedures would then call for total removal and replacement of them.

When you are forced to go through the trauma of a situation like this, the last thing you want is to be bothered by a huge cleanup cost, on top of all the emotional issues involved. We can work with your homeowners’ insurance carrier to assess coverage for the specific incident, and then tailor our services to fit within your budget.

Serving all of Kansas

Steri-Clean unattended death services can be provided throughout the entire state of Kansas, but the metro areas which we can reach the fastest include Kansas City, Garden City, Junction City, Hays, Emporia, and Wichita. Time is always a consideration on cleanups of this type because the clock is always ticking with regard to the possibility of dangerous biohazardous materials being disseminated at the site, and in the surrounding area.

We offer an emergency service that can be on the road, dashing to your location within minutes of your call if need be. If the site of an undiscovered death happens to be outside state borders, we will still be happy to work with you, to help resolve the situation. Since 1995, we have established an expansive network of colleagues in the business, and these are professionals whom we trust to do competent and thorough work.

If there is an out-of-state situation that we can’t get to quickly enough, we can alert one of our many associates who may be geographically closer to the scene and can provide quicker service. As a convenience to our clients, we will gladly help make the necessary arrangements with another service, just so we can be sure you get the kind of reliable and prompt service you need.

Contact us for Compassionate and Discreet Cleanup

Steri-Clean Kansas. That’s the company name we hope you will remember if the unthinkable should ever happen to you, and you have to deal with an undiscovered death. We founded our business in 1995 for the purpose of insulating clients from all the possibly sordid details involved with such situations. Our team of specialists has had many years of experience handling cleanup situations like these, and we can handle all those aspects of the cleanup that you don’t really want to yourself.

With Steri-Clean specialists handling everything for you, there won’t be any need for you to be personally involved with the cleanup. You can get your life back to normal quickly, and we can manage all the behind-the-scenes details of restoring the cleanup site to its original pristine condition.

Integrity, Compassion and Honesty

At Steri-Clean Kansas we Restore Homes and Lives through the principles of Integrity, Compassion, and Honesty. These principles guide us to always do the right thing every day and for every client. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you. Call us at for emergency service. 

Our call center is open 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. 1-888-577-7206.


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